Scholarly development

Resident Scholarly Development is headed by experienced and dedicated faculty. Residents receive didactic and experiencial education in:

  • Biostatistics and epidemiology
  • Critically reviewing medical literature
  • Authoring case reports
  • Quality Improvement initiatives
  • Research study design and execution
  • Database and data management systems
  • Abstract and manuscript submission 
  • Oral and poster presentations

Research projects are presented at local, regional, state and national forums. Residents author or co-author peer-reviewed publications through direct collaboration with faculty members.


Research Faculty

Dr.Towner is full-time faculty dedicated to helping residents navigate the process of designing and conducting thoughtful scholarly activities.

towner Elizabeth Towner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Dr. Towner is an Assistant Professor at the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Pediatric Prevention Research Center. The mission of the Pediatric Prevention Research Center is to promote and advance the field of health promotion and disease prevention through research, education, service, and policy advocacy. Interest include: Elimination of obesity disparities in early childhood, partnering with community organizations to develop programs, development of family-based behavioral interventions.




Quality Improvment Projects 

Resident 2017 2018 2019 2020
Amin Farokhani Hypertension      
Rebecca Heeney Blood transfusion      
Pauline Zhang Contiunity of Care       
Joseph Thomas Infection Control       
Eleanor King Infection Control       
Nicole Lopez Knowledge of PCP Sexual Health    
Ashley Tabi   Sexual Health     
Mitul Mehta Contiunity of Care  Ultrasound    
MinhChau Ha Infection Control  Ultrasound & PBL- health disparities    
Starr Whittaker Hypertension   COPD  
Kaitlin Zeytuncu Infection Control  Developmental  Developmental   
Lilia Peress Hypertension COPD COPD  
Marco Peterson Contiunity of Care  Contiunity of Care Continuity of Care   
Gypsa Katoch  Hypertension    Developmental   
Cortney Cole   Developmental  Continuity of Care  Contiunity of Care 
Michael Duarte   Developmental  Wellness Wellness AND COPD
Rehana Siddiqui     Continuity of Care  C Diff
Hassan Baiz   Developmental  Developemntal  Controlled Substance 
Phil Riley   Ultrasound Continuity of Care  Cervical Cancer 
Zeeshan Sharif    OB AND Pregnancy  COPD CHF
Ben Maynad       C Diff AND Health Equity
Brad Woelke       Controlled Substance AND Asthma
Ashley Aragona       Wellness AND COPD
Peter Ly       CHF
Tarek Chahine       Contiunity of Care AND Asthma
Tai Litvinow       Cervical Cancer 
Dana Achmar       Contiunity of Care 
David Kazanowski       Controlled Substance 
Roshan Patel       CHF
Ashley Decaluwe       Cervical Cancer 
Abraham Baidoo       C Diff
Oneil Doha        COPD