Family Medicine Residency Program

Eleanor King, MD

Welcome to the Wayne State University Family Medicine Residency Program. We are delighted that you have taken an interest in continuing your development with us.

Our program boasts a friendly work environment in a beautiful setting in southeast Michigan. Our base hospital is Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital. Most of our residents have continuity patients in our Rochester Academic Family Medicine office on the hospital's campus.  Our Urban Track residents spend their continuity days at RAFM as well as continuity clinics in other underserved areas like Detroit and Pontiac.

As you journey through interviews and internet searches for Family Medicine residencies you will find that no two are exactly alike, nor are they all that different. Family Medicine is a broad and robust specialty.

So what makes us special? The simple fact that each one of us belongs exactly here. We are a team and we always have been. Whether it is navigating new hospital or clinic relationships, facing the pandemic, dealing with life and death in our own families we do it together.

My personal approach to teaching is to provide residents space to grow with the support to do so safely. In our program, you will never feel alone, you will never feel unappreciated and you will never be made to feel less than the medical expert that you are. I pride myself in giving residents autonomy and the time and space to grow as human beings -- not just as physicians. In return, our residents provide compassionate and quality care and exhibit a strong work ethic. 

If you want to be a part of a family of hard-working physicians, we will welcome you into ours!

Eleanor R. King, M.D.
Program Director

For more information on the Family Medicine residency program at Wayne State, please contact the residency office at 248-601-4900. Access the Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital website.