Resident Life

Resident wellness is a high priority in this program, we have a formal wellness curriculum designed by our faculty. This curriculum incorporates wellness breaks and outings coupled with education on the importance of self care and meaningful work as well as recognizing and coping with burnout, fatigue and depression. 

LINK to GME wellness resources page-  WSU Graduate Medical Education

Wellness structure: 

  • Wellness events during in-person didactics 

  • Includes monthly birthday celebration plus group activity 

  • Wellness breaks  

  • Residents are scheduled for didactics weekly from 1pm-5pm but not every session truly spans from 1pm-5pm and certain Tuesdays in the year where we do not have didactics scheduled  

  • This free time is protected for residents to:  

  • Attend their own healthcare needs, study, work on scholarship, spend time with family or use as they see fit to contribute to their own wellbeing 

  • Wellness outings  

  • Group activities held outside of work in place of didactics free of cost 

  • Organized a few times a year by faculty, chiefs and coordinators  

  • Wellness library 

  • Including: games (board games, cards, puzzles), books (medical, non-medical) and wellness box (hygienic products)