Resident life

We value the importance of a physician's own health behavior in fostering quality in their personal life. Therefore, resident wellness is a high priority in this program with bi-monthly didactic lectures coupled with ongoing experiential learning activities that support the health and well-being of residents, while they also go about the task of learning how to become agents of health and well-being in the lives of their patients. We encompass the concept of whole person care in our educational program with resident wellness activities such as:

  • Exercise facility
  • Social outings for residents and families
  • Healthy nutritional options with subsidized meals
  • Access to community based programs that support self-management

We Highly Value:

Resident input/open door policy and excellent resident – faculty rapport.  comments from Residents on WSU DFMPHS Family Medicine Residency Experience:

  • Personalized Learning Goals
  • Ongoing Faculty Mentoring
  • Personal and professional growth

Regularly scheduled social activities such as:

  • Picnics
  • Cross-cultural luncheons
  • Sporting events
  • Celebration of Nurse's and Doctor's day
  • Acknowledgement of personal achievements and special family events