Educational Program

We are an ACGME fully-accredited residency program. We emphasize comprehensive didactics, point-of-care teaching and innovative curricula on a foundation of strong faculty-resident mentorship.  

Our resident lectures (or as we call them--didactics) are held on Tuesday afternoons. After the pandemic, we surveyed our residents and asked what model of didactics they preferred and we listened. As a result, we offer a hybrid model for didactics that includes both virtual and in-person days. Our virtual didactics cover basic core topics and are held via Zoom so residents can join from a comfortable location. During our in-person didactics we may kick-off with a lively lunch together followed by an interactive Journal Club or competitive Board Review.  


The following topics are routinely reviewed: 

  • Core topics in family medicine (cycled through every 3 years) 

  • Board Review 

  • Clinical Operations  

  • Practice Management 

The following topics are given by residents: 

  • Case Presentation (PGY1) 

  • Morbidity and Mortality (PGY2) 

  • Journal Club (PGY3) 

We also strive to keep to a "theme" of the day. On one Tuesday we may have a cardiologist talk about heart disease followed by a faculty reviewing statin therapy and a resident leading a journal club on beta-blockers. 

Some afternoons we have "Wellness Breaks" where we may play a game or have a picnic to celebrate birthdays. Quarterly, we have a "Wellness Retreat" in lieu of didactics that could range from a Tiger's game to Paint-with-a-Twist or a trip to our favorite cider mill. We love to learn and enjoy having fun! 

Innovative Curricula 
In our experience, we have found that there is no best method for learning certain topics. For example, our location lends itself to a strong geriatric training and as a result we developed a longitudinal and untraditional geriatrics rotation. Instead of one month of day-to-day geriatrics training, our residents will spend time at a community center for the elderly, on a skilled rehab unit and engaging in home visits. This is just one of our many examples of innovation in curricula. 
Point-of-Care Teaching and Mentorship 
Our pride and joy is the faculty-resident relationship. Any of our graduates will tell you that the accessibility and warmth of our faculty is unmatched in medicine. Our faculty are compassionate and honest. We feel that the best way to learn is for teachers and students to learn together. For this reason we provide a lot of one-on-one mentorship. For the first 3 months of residency we have one faculty designated as an intern-only faculty during your first months in the office. This helps breakdown walls in hierarchy and provide open lines of communication from day one. During the inpatient rotation, every Friday is "Feedback Friday". Faculty will sit one-on-one with each member of the team and review performance, provide support, praise when earned and constructive feedback. Every week during inpatient months, residents will also have a quick lesson in a pertinent topic from the faculty. Lastly, every day in the clinic we review a teaching point before we start seeing patients. Teaching can happen at any moment and we take advantage of every one we can find.