Educational program

We are an ACGME fully-accredited residency program. We emphasize strong academics and teaching, innovative curricula and interest in practice-based research. We provide:

  • Resident board preparation sessions
  • Comprehensive didactic curricula
  • Mortality & morbidity conferences
  • Test taking skills training
  • Objective structured clinical exam with standardized patients*
  • Competency-based evaluation system
  • Ongoing feedback on learning progress through learning contract
  • Web-based evaluation system
  • Educational programs to promote lifelong learning
  • Training residents for teaching
  • Committed faculty with diverse interests

*Effective Communication with Patients is Good Medicine
The Family Medicine Residency Program at Wayne State University has developed an innovative program for communication skills training. It is made up of four components:

1) Yearly assessment of PGY-I, -II, and –III residents with standardized patients.
2) Feedback session for reviewing performance.
3) Development of a learning contract outlining communication strengths, weaknesses, and educational goals for the year.
4) Methods to ensure success in obtaining goals.

At the beginning of each academic year, communication assessments are conducted through an OSCE (Objective Standardized Clinical Examination) in which each resident is videotaped in standardized patient encounters. Standardized patients present with a variety of physical and psychosocial complaints. These encounters are videotaped and evaluated by trained coders from the School of Medicine using a coding system for assessing patient-centered communication skills. The faculty takes a learner-centered approach to collaborate in determining needs for communication skill training for each resident. The formal learning contract is agreed upon by each participant outlining areas of focus for the year. These areas are assessed throughout the year through monthly in-vivo observation of resident encounters with patients in the family medicine clinic. Feedback on performance and progress toward goals is provided following each encounter. A strength of this system is that it not only allows for residents to improve in areas of weakness, it also allows for more advanced development in areas of strength.

Paperless Residency
We utilize web-based residency management software to assist with a variety of tasks such as:

  • Conference scheduler which allows residents to access our library of all presentations of PowerPoint Slides
  • Viewing of resident's annual, monthly and daily schedules online.
  • Procedure logger to track procedures on the internet or PDA
  • Online evaluations which are competency based and track rotation, faculty, self, and 360º evaluations
  • Goals and objectives of each of your rotations
  • Duty hours tracking
  • Patient encounter log book
  • Portfolio of resident's scholarly activities

Innovative Integrated Family Medicine Curriculum
Based upon the new model of care and the patient centered medical home, the Integrated Family Medicine Rotations tailored to provide learning experiences that will prepare the family physician of the future to operate as the coordinator of care in both a preventive and therapeutic manner. We provide a unique longitudinal experience throughout the three years of training integrating the Rochester Academic Medicine practice with other essential learning domains such as:

Sports Medicine

  • Pre-participation sports physicals
  • Sport-related injury workshops
  • Experience in athletic recreational centers
  • Senior Olympics

Care of the Elderly

  • Continuity Care in a long-term care facility
  • Palliative Care (Hospice)
  • Pain Management Training
  • Home visits
  • Older Person Center wellness screenings and talks
  • Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen use

Systems-Based Practice Building

  • Practice Management
  • Multi-disciplinary rounds
  • Chart audits and quality improvement projects
  • Marketing practices
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Legal insights on malpractice issues

Human Behavior and Mental Health 

  • Hospital Ethics Committee
  • Patient-Centered Clinical Method
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Professionalism
  • Resources for domestic violence victims

Community Medicine 

  • Speakers bureau for the Rochester Community School District
  • Health Fairs in the Rochester Community
  • Educational Outreach in churches

Our residency program is recognized as one of the leaders in community outreach. We respond to the needs of our patients in our community by organizing health fairs and adult heart screenings and we have fun while doing so!