Year 4 Sub-Internship and Electives

Students can choose a sub-internship in Family Medicine. This is a one-month inpatient rotation available at several clinical campus locations. This rotation fulfills the WSU School of Medicine requirement for a Year 4 sub-internship.

Family Medicine Year 4 Electives
Multiple Family Medicine Electives are available throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area and the State of Michigan including:

  • law and medicine
  • family medicine research

Year 4 Elective Approval Process

To choose a Year 4 Family Medicine elective, please contact the School of Medicine Department of Records and Registration at (313) 577-1470 for approval or go to the Year 4 Elective web site for more information.

For additional information, please contact:
Lisa Blackwell
Family Medicine Student Programs Project Assistant:
Phone:  313-577-0878