Year 3 Clerkship

The one-month Family Medicine Clerkship consists of ambulatory clinic experiences in community preceptor's offices. The Clerkship is based on the four principles of Family Medicine:
1. The physician is a skilled clinician
2. Family Medicine is a community-based discipline
3. The family physician is a resource to a defined practice population
4. The patient-physician relationship is central to the role of the family physician.

The Clerkship is designed to allow the student to experience the types of problems seen in Family Practice and the clinical method used by Family Physicians. In addition to direct clinical exposure to the practice of family medicine, students will also participate in weekly scheduled clinically-relevant didactic sessions and a one-day palliative and hospice care site visit experience.

Your selection of preceptor is based upon your assigned clinical campus.  For those students assigned to the DMC or VA, you will have the option to rank your choices for family medicine preceptor and/or site location. All students have the option to complete their family medicine clerkship outside of the Metro Detroit area.  We will provide reputable family medicine clinical experiences throughout the state of Michigan. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation and housing to these sites.  Please contact us at least 2 months ahead of your scheduled family medicine rotation.

Year 3 Family Medicine Electives
A limited number of Elective spots are available to year 3 students.  These family medicine elective locations are throughout the Metro Detroit and Greater Michigan areas.  Please contact us at least 2 months ahead of your scheduled elective.

Year 3 Clerkship Director:
Jira Coumarbatch, M.D. 
Phone: 313-577-8867

Medical Student Programs Project Assistant:
Lisa Blackwell
Phone: 313-577-0878