Scholarships and awards

We strive to recognize those students with marked interests in family medicine practice, leadership and research. We have several awards and scholarships available for students at all levels of training. The faculty and staff will assist with writing of the application, letters of recommendation or any other information needed to enhance your chances for receiving an award or scholarship.

  • Frederick Maynard, M.D. and Mrs. Ruth Maynard Endowed Scholarship 
  • Dale L. Williams, M.D. Endowed Family Medicine Award
  • George Mogill, M.D. Family Medicine Award                             
  • Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program    
  • American Academy of Family Physicians Externship Grant
  • American Academy of Family Physicians Annual Student Conference Scholarships
  • Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Annual Student Conference Scholarships
  • American Academy of Family Physicians James G. Jones Student Health Policy Scholarship
  • Bruce Carl, MD, Endowed Scholarship in Family Medicine
  • John R. Manis, MD, and Aripe Manis Endowed Scholarship 
  • Francis P. and Nell A Rhoades Memorial Foundation Grant
  • Students Specializing in Family Medicine Award 
  • Yvonne R and Robert Toteff, MD Lunn Taylor, Kathy Passiak, Lisa Arthur and Tracy Zboril Family Endowed Scholarship for Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences 
  • North American Primary Care Research Group Medical Student Award - To recognize outstanding family medicine/primary care research performed by a medical student.  This national award recipient is selected by the Family Medicine research faculty with a final recommendation made by the chair of the WSU Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Department.
  • US Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award 

Family Medicine Office of Student Scholarships and Awards Contact Information:                            

Lisa Blackwell
Phone:  313-577-0878