Meet Elissa Firestone, MEd
Wayne State University Master of Public Health Program Manager

My family and I have a long history with Wayne State University. Many years ago, my dad worked as a shoe salesman to support our family while he earned his WSU law degree. My mom was a first generation college student and earned her teaching certificate in early childhood education. I loved earning my undergraduate degree in English and education which translated my love of literature into a rewarding teaching career. Even more important, WSU allowed me to earn a Master's in literacy education while I was teaching fulltime and raising three children. WSU gave me and my parents an outstanding education and a way to achieve our career goals while busy parents and fulltime employees. No small accomplishment!

I have worked with our WSU Master of Public Health Program applicants and students since 2011 and am delighted to contribute to the success of our program, students and graduates. Public health works to eliminate health disparities and improve the health of populations. Our Program vision "Thriving Communities, Equitable Opportunities, and Sustainable Living says it all. Isn't this what we all want for our neighborhood, city, state, country and world?

Let me know if you have any questions about our MPH programs, BSPH/MPH AGRADE Program, our admission requirements, or how we can help you achieve your public health career goals.  


Elissa Firestone, MEd

MPH Program Manager  


Amanda Compton, BS

MPH Practicum & Community Engagement Coordinator