Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals

Mission, Diversity and Inclusion Statement of Commitment

Wayne State University is a nationally recognized comprehensive, urban research university with a strong tradition in equal opportunity, non-discrimination and affirmative action. Diversity among our faculty, students, and staff is a major source of our intellectual vitality and innovative spirit. The faculty and staff of the MPH program in the School of Medicine are dedicated to preparing a diverse group of students within a culture of inclusion to serve our communities as leaders in public health.


Thriving Communities, Equitable Opportunities, and Sustainable Living


The mission of Wayne State University's MPH Program is to prepare leaders and scholars for interdisciplinary practice and research to advance the public health of all communities.

Core Values

  • Respect: Treat everyone with dignity, respect and compassion, as each individual is unique and we are all interdependent.
  • Responsibility: Promote accountability to each other, our students, university and communities.
  • Integrity: Embody honesty and uphold high ethical standards in all that we do individually and collectively.
  • Innovation: Encourage creativity, tolerance for calculated risk taking, and cross-disciplinary collaboration for innovative thinking and effective problem solving.
  • Social Justice: Advance just and equitable systems to protect the rights of all communities.
  • Excellence: Produce high quality work in education, research, and community service.

Public Health Ethics

Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health   


The three major functions of the MPH Program are instruction, research and service.  Six goals address how the program will attain its mission.

Instructional Goals:

  • Students: Recruit and retain high caliber students with diverse educational and experiential backgrounds.
  • Curriculum responsive to the changing health needs of urban societies.
  • Graduates: Ensure graduates are fully prepared to contribute to public health practice and research, and to assume leadership roles.

Research Goal

  • Faculty: Engage faculty and public health practitioners in developing and sustaining a program of public health research.

Service Goal

  • Community: Partner with community members to improve the health and well-being of populations and to promote life-long learning.

Resources Goal

  • Ensure resources necessary to support a quality program.

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