Research Day 2020

4th Annual Department of Family Medicine & Public Health Sciences Research Day

April 15, 2020

The Department of Family Medicine & Public Health Sciences welcomes you to our 4th Annual DFMPHS Research Day virtual event page. Research Day is an opportunity for our Faculty, Residents, Trainees, and Students to showcase their outstanding scholarly work. Below we present the DFMPHS Research Day Program, which includes all accepted abstracts, this year's student awardees, and a summary of some of the violence prevention resources on the WSU main campus, a brief presentation of the keynote panel presenters' violence prevention programs, and the oral and poster presentations prepared by presenters.

Keynote Panel on Violence Prevention

This year's event was centered on APHA's annual theme, Violence Prevention. We planned to highlight three local programs that exemplify the community-based, public health work DFMPHS aims to foster in our medicine and public health trainees. We congratulate Mr. Sweeney, Dr. Kernsmith, and Dr Sonuyi for their hard-work and dedication to violence prevention. Click the links below to learn more about the amazing work of these public health warriors. 

Khali Sweeney of Downtown Boxing Gym

Poco Kernsmith, PhD of Youth Empowerment Solutions for Health Relationships (YES-HR)

Tolulope Sonuyi, MD of Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday (D.L.I.V.E)

Oral Presentations

Of the twenty-five accepted abstracts, two were identified as excellent overall abstracts and received an abstract award. These abstracts were invited to given an oral presentation. Click the links below to see these amazing public health warriors' work. 

Hassan Baiz, MD - Increasing Physician Confidence and Consistency in Controlled Substance Prescribing via Education and Office Policy

Jamil Gharib - Examining the Relationship between Neighborhood Adversity and Glycemic Control Among Adolsecents with Type 1 Diabetes

Scrolling Poster Presentations 

Six highly rated abstracts were selected for scrolling poster presentations. Follow the links below to learn more about these amazing public health warriors' work.

Dr. Ashley Aragona, MD - Respiratory Inhaler Education in a Family Medicine Residency Program

Michael Duarte, MD - Improving Resident Wellness through a Formal Wellness Curriculum

Benjamin Maynard, MD - How to Teach Health Disparities in a Family Medicine Residency: A Resident-Led Interactive Approach

Ghadir Mozeb - Patient Activation Measure as an Assessment Tool for Blood Pressure Control in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Enhanced Emergency Department Discharge 

Kevin Pennycook, DO - Assuring Appropriate Documentation of Fluid Status in Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients

Ashleigh Peoples - Beyond Timing and Counting Prenatal Care Visits: Assessment of Prenatal Care Quality in a Cohort of Pregnant Black Women in Metro Detroit 

Paper Poster Presentations

Seventeen public health warriors abstracts were selected for poster presentations. Links to these posters are below.

Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir, PharmD - The Impact of Food Insecurity on the North End Community

Dana Achmar, MD - Quality Improvement Initiative Assessing and Improving Continuity of Care Utilizing Care Teams within a Family Medicine Residency Clinic 

Hira Ali - The Relationship Between Caregiver Feeding Styles, Childhood Obesity, and Dietary Quality in Preschoolers from Low-Income Households in Detroit

Irene Chen - Following Active Surveillance Protocol in Patients with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer 

Ashley DeCaluwe, DO - Cervical Cancer Screening Rate Disparities among Male and Female Residents

Yanping Jiang, PhD - Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Social Support, Perceived Stress, and Inflammation in the Aftermath of a Petrochemical Accident

Peter Ly, MD - Observation Status Patient Discharge Optimization in the Setting of an Academic Residency Program

Grace Mahasi - A Tale of Two Countries: Study Prospectus for Understanding the Role of Acculturation in Substance Abuse Treatment for Residents Along the U.S. - Mexico Border

Benjamin Maynard, MD - Reducing Overreporting of Hospital-Acquired Clostridium difficile Infection by Increasing Accuracy of Labeling Results

Lindsey McCracken - Development of a Text-Messaging Intervention to Reduce Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption by Preschoolers as Part of Stage 1 Treatment for Pediatric Obesity

Savannah O'Neil - An Examination and Analysis of Measures of Self-Reported Medication Adherence in African American Emerging Adults with Asthma in an Urban Setting

Roshan Patel, MD - The Implications of Adherence to the Heart Failure (HF) Clinic on Readmission Rates to the Hospital

Jillian Rhind - Recruitment of Minority Families to Behavioral Clinical Trials: Identifying Hard-To-Recruit Families

Jacqueline Rodriguez-Stanley - Rumination Links Negative Interactions to Poor Sleep Quality among Older African American Adults

Aamna Sajid - An Analysis of Barriers to Clean Water Accessibility and Affordability in Low-SES Detroit Communities and Correlated Health Outcomes

Meghna Shukla, MSN, RN, CPNP-AC - Translating an Efficacious Illness Management Intervention for Youth with Poorly Controlled Asthma to Real World Settings 

Liying Zhang, PhD - Intimate Partner Violence Experience, Substance Use, and Perceived Stress among Pregnant Black Women: The Biosocial Impacts on Black Births BIBB) Study