Degrees and certificates

Degrees and Certificates 

Public health is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to improve the health of populations and communities though health promotion and disease prevention.  Health is not equal across populations. Economic cultural, ethnic and environmental factors impact the health of a community.  Public health emphasizes social justice and works to eliminate health disparities in underserved populations.

Our MPH Program is 42 credits and may be earned in two or more years. MPH graduates develop skills and knowledge in core public health areas: biostatistics, epidemiology, the social determinants of health, environmental health and health care administration.  Students also develop skills in health program planning and evaluation, leadership and team management, policy analysis and advocacy; data and information analysis, along with grant writing. Students also take a community-based practicum and write a culminating Master's project.

MPH Degree concentrations:

MPH-PHP Joint Degrees

The MPH is often earned with other degrees to increase career opportunities. 


Bridge Graduate Certificate in Public Health (BGC-PH) 

The Bridge Graduate Certificate in Public Health (BGC-PH) allows individuals to earn a valuable 15 credit public health credential in one to three years. Students study the public health core areas of biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, and the social determinants of health. Students learn to apply public health theory and practice to improve community health.  

Students may initially apply to the BGC-PH and later transfer to the MPH Program. The BGC-PH is comprised of first year MPH courses, so all successfully completed BGC-PH courses transfer to the MPH Program. 

BGC-PH Dual Title Degrees