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English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) provides introductory courses to help students improve their English language and writing skills. More advanced courses directed towards graduate students wishing to develop their skills in giving presentations, paper writing, responding to readings, note-taking, library skills, word processing, and essay test-taking, are also available. View the English Language Institute website for more details. For more information, contact the English Language Institute at 313-577-2729. Sara Tipton is the International Teaching Assistant (SPEAK) Coordinator. She can be contacted at 313-577-7706 or

  • American Pronunciation for Accent Reduction and Clear Communication
    ELI 0705/CRN: 17925     2 Credits

    This course is for advanced non-native English-speaking professionals who want to reduce pronunciation errors in spontaneous as well as prepared speech, and includes instruction in American pronunciation, practice in formal and informal presentations, and feedback on pronunciation and overall comprehensibility. Student progress is assessed through weekly progress reports, and initial and end-of-term speech profile summaries. Please note that ELI ENG0705 cannot be used for graduate credit.
  • Written Communication
    ELI 0700/CRN: 17921    2 credits

    Through reading and writing complex texts, advanced English-as-a-Second Language students develop writing skills that include learning the steps of essay writing and how to organize and edit an essay. Students choose essay topics that are relevant to their professional lives. Please note that ELI 0700 cannot be used for graduate credit.
  • Introduction to Scholarly Writing for Non-Native Speakers
    ENG 5850 CRN 14192    2 credits

    Non-native speakers practice intensive writing at the graduate level. Students will be working on their research prospectus and literature review during this course. Therefore, it would be most appropriate for students preparing to write their MPH Project Proposal or Final Manuscript. Please note that ENG 5850 cannot be used for graduate credit.

Academic Success Center

Offers free study skills workshops for graduate students (e.g. Making the most of your lecture, Tackling the Textbook, Effective listening and note taking) View website for additional information.

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