MPH Concentration in Public Health Practice (MPH-PHP)

The Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice (MPH-PHP) prepares graduates with the knowledge and skills to conduct culturally relevant public health research, plan and evaluate health programs in diverse settings, and contribute to the science of disease prevention and health promotion.

Degree Requirements 

A minimum of 42 credit hours are required for graduation. A minimum grade point average of 3.00 in coursework must be maintained. All work must be completed within six years. The following lists courses required in three areas: the core, the concentration and electives. All students are required to complete an Applied Practice Experience and an Integrative Practice Experience course as part of their concentration course requirements.

MPH Foundation Courses (21 credit hours)

  • FPH 7011 Foundations of Public Health (3 cr.)
  • FPH 7012 Social Justice in Public Health (3 cr.)
  • FPH 7015 Biostatistics I (3cr.)
  • FPH 7100 Health Care Organization and Administration (3 cr.)
  • FPH 7210 Research Methods for Public Health Professionals (3 cr.)
  • FPH 7240 Epidemiology (3 cr.)
  • FPH 7300 Public Health Policy (3 cr.)

MPH-PHP Concentration Courses (11 credit hours) 

  • FPH 7230 Health Program Evaluation (3 cr.)
  • FPH 7430 Application of Public Health Principles in Practice (3 cr.)
  • FPH 7510 Leadership and Population Health (2 cr.)
  • FPH 7511 Health Promotion, Messaging, and Advocacy (3 cr.)

MPH Applied Practice Experience (3 credit hours)

  • FPH 7440 Applied Practice Experience (3 cr.)

MPH Integrated Learning Experience (3 credit hours)

  • FPH 8991 Integrated Learning Experience (3 cr.)

MPH Approved Elective Courses (4 credit hours)