Joint Degree Programs

Students must complete all the requirements for both degrees.  Students graduate with their primary program. 

Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health (MSW/MPH) 

TheMSW/MPHjointdegree program is offered by the School of Social Work, and Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences (School of Medicine). 

Applicants for the joint MSW/MPH degree program complete one online application --"MSW/MPH Combined Degree" graduate application. Applications may be submitted up to one year (3 semesters) prior to the start of the beginning term of the program. 

More information on the MSW/MPH isavailable through the Graduate Bulletin:

Medical Doctor/Master of Public Health(MD/MPH) 

TheMD/MPHjoint degreeprogramis designed to educate medical students in public health theory, practice, and research to understand and improve the health of urban and diverse populations.  More information on the MD/MPH is available at:

Master of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science/Master of Public Health (MA-NFS/MPH) 

The MA-NFS/MPH is a joint degree program offered by the Department of Nutrition and Food Science (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) and Department ofFamily Medicineand Public Health Sciences (School of Medicine).Moreinformation on the MA-NFS/MPHis available through the Graduate Bulletin: