Rhonda Dailey

Rhonda Dailey

Rhonda Dailey

Administrative Title

Assistant Professor, Full-time

Office Phone

(313) 577-6860


Dr. Dailey is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences. She supported by an NHLBI supplement for Investigators Developing Independent Research Careers. Dr. Dailey’s research, based on the aims of the R01 parent grant, will determine if health beliefs and behaviors related to asthma predict adherence to asthma medications. Dr. Dailey is also co-investigating prenatal care utilization and quality on an R01 study of how psychosocial factors mediated through biological pathways result in preterm birth, and collaborating on a study examining the role of the Health Belief Model to antihypertensive medication adherence. Dr. Dailey’s research interests include racial disparities and social determinants related to chronic diseases (currently asthma and hypertension), patient health literacy, patient attitudes and beliefs about health, and measuring health care quality.

Please see Dr. Dailey's CV.

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