Angela Tiura

Angela Tiura

Angela Tiura

Administrative Title

Assistant Professor, Full-time

Office Address

6135 Woodward
IBio Building
Detroit, MI 48202

Office Phone

Phone: 313-577-6584
Fax: 313-972-8025


Dr. Tiura is a Social Health Psychologist primarily trained in basic behavioral research and recently beginning to conduct health behavior change intervention research. Her primary research interests lie in the nexus of sexual violence, sexual risk taking, and addictive behaviors (e.g., alcohol use and overeating). Dr Tiura is part of the WSU DOTS group directing a pilot project examining the effects of physical activity on metabolism, executive function, and food choice in African American adolescents with obesity. Also part of the RoBUST initiative, she is co-leader of a seminar for DOTS Scholars (graduate students) and RoBUST Fellows (postdocs) focusing on team science training. Dr Tiura is also involved in the WSU AAUP-AFT and the COSW.

Please see Dr. Tiura's CV.

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