David J Bassett

David J Bassett

David J Bassett

Administrative Title

Professor Emeritus
Occupational and Environmental Health


Dr. Bassett served as the MPH Program Graduate Student Officer, environmental health professor and advisor.  He was also engaged in the development of new multi-disciplinary problem-based courses and in the establishment and evaluation of mechanisms for assessing competence-based educational outcomes.

Education Training

Courses Taught Over the Past 2 Years:

FPH 7860: Principles of Occupational Health

Area of Expertise



Current research projects include:

  • Examination of the effects of air pollutant exposure on lungs at different stages of airway remodeling associated with the development of chronic asthma - in collaboration with Dr. S. Wilson, University of Southampton, UK.; and Dr. K. Roberts, University of Montana, Missoula, MT.
  • Collaboration with Dr. H. Haitchi and colleagues at the University of Southampton UK, in exploring the genetic determinants by which maternal allergen and tobacco smoke exposure alter fetal and offspring lung development.
  • Development and application of inflammatory lung models for use in the evaluation of new drug delivery systems based on nano-technology - in support of projects led by Drs. M. Lieh-Lai, and R. Kannan, of the WSU Departments of Paediatric Medicine and Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences, respectively.
  • Collaboration with Drs M. Huttemann and L. Grossman of the WSU Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics in their establishment of the phenotype of mice with genetically altered mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase enzyme activities for use as a potential new models for the study lung disorders such as asthma and COPD

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