Samiran Ghosh

Samiran Ghosh

Samiran Ghosh

Administrative Title

Associate Professor, Full-time
Population Health Sciences

Office Address

6135 Woodward Ave, Rm 1128
Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Office Phone

(313) 577-0732


Dr. Ghosh is an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences. He is also a faculty member at the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics. Dr. Ghosh's methodological research focuses on Randomized Controlled Clincial/Intervention Trial, Survival analysis, generalized linear model, multilevel model, model selection in high dimensional data, machine learning and Bayesian paradigm. His current research focus are issues related to missing data, sample size, and bias in longitudinal clinical trials. He is also Director of Biostatistcis at BERD. On the application side, his major focus is on health services, outcomes research and mental health. Dr. Ghosh teaches FPH 7020, Biostatistics 1 and Biostatistics 2 etc.

Please see Dr. Ghosh's CV.

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