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Are you wondering whom to contact for Year 3 Family Medicine clerkship information? Interested in Family Medicine as a specialty choice?

Would you like to attend some exciting and innovative clinical programs in primary care or would you like information about scholarships and awards offered by family medicine? Are you a practicing family physician who would like to precept students in your practice?

Answers to all of these questions can be found here. We have worked hard to offer you the latest information about the specialty of family medicine. If any information cannot be found on this website than we encourage you to contact any of our medical student program faculty and staff in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences.


Scholarships and Awards
Family Medicine Year 3 Clerkship
FMIG (Family Medicine Interest Group)
RMIG (Rural Medicine Interest Group)
Year 4 Sub-I and Electives
Community Family Physician Teaching Information
General Information about Family Medicine
Faculty and Staff Contacts


Family Medicine Scholarships and Awards

We strive to recognize those students with marked interests in family medicine practice, leadership and research. We have several awards and scholarships available for students at all levels of training. The faculty and staff will assist with writing of the application, letters of recommendation or any other information needed to enhance your chances for receiving an award or scholarship.

Please click on the following links for applications and more detailed information.

Frederick Maynard, M.D. and Mrs. Ruth Maynard Endowed Scholarship 

Dale L. Williams, M.D. Endowed Family Medicine Award

Southeast Michigan Family Medicine Leadership Award

George Mogill, M.D. Family Medicine Award                             

Excellence in Family Medicine Award
This award is presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated an interest and excelled in Family Medicine during their four-year medical school experience. The student is chosen by Family Medicine faculty and presented to the student on Match Day.

Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Student Research Award
This award is presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding performance in research in Family Medicine.  The student is chosen by Family Medicine faculty and presented  to the student
on Match Day.  

Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program    

American Academy of Family Physicians Externship Grant

American Academy of Family Physicians Annual Student Conference Scholarships

Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Annual Student Conference Scholarships

American Academy of Family Physicians James G. Jones Student Health Policy Scholarship

North American Primary Care Research Group Medical Student Award
To recognize outstanding family medicine/primary care research performed by a medical student.  This national award recipient is selected by the Family Medicine research faculty with a final recommendation made by the chair of the WSU Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Department.

Family Medicine Office of Student Scholarships and Awards Contact Information:

Juliann Binienda, Ph.D.
Phone:  313-577-5987                                     

Lisa Blackwell
Phone:  313-577-0878

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The Family Medicine Year 3 Clerkship

The one-month Family Medicine Clerkship consists of ambulatory clinic experiences in community preceptor’s offices. The Clerkship is based on the four principles of Family Medicine:
1. The physician is a skilled clinician
2. Family Medicine is a community-based discipline
3. The family physician is a resource to a defined practice population
4. The patient-physician relationship is central to the role of the family physician.

The Clerkship is designed to allow the student to experience the types of problems seen in Family Practice and the clinical method used by Family Physicians. In addition to direct clinical exposure to the practice of family medicine, students will also participate in weekly scheduled clinically-relevant didactic sessions and a one-day palliative and hospice care site visit experience.

Your selection of preceptor is based upon your assigned clinical campus.  For those students assigned to the DMC or VA, you will have the option to rank your choices for family medicine preceptor and/or site location. All students have the option to complete their family medicine clerkship outside of the Metro Detroit area.  We will provide reputable family medicine clinical experiences throughout the state of Michigan. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation and housing to these sites.  Please contact us at least 2 months ahead of your scheduled family medicine rotation.

Year 3 Family Medicine Electives
A limited number of Elective spots are available to year 3 students.  These family medicine elective locations are throughout the Metro Detroit and Greater Michigan areas.  Please contact us at least 2 months ahead of your scheduled elective.

Year 3 Clerkship Director:
Margit Chadwell, M.D.
Phone: 313-577-8867

Medical Student Programs Project Assistant:
Lisa Blackwell
Phone: 313-577-0878

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Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

Wayne State University School of Medicine prides itself on having an active Family Medicine Interest Group.  The goals of this organization are to introduce students to the breadth and depth of the specialty of family medicine and provide innovative clinical and educational programs for those students interested in a career in family medicine.  Joining this organization provides free membership to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Family Physician Journal, entry to national and state conferences and access to family physicians across the USA.  WSU FMIG hosts variety of interesting programs throughout the year covering a broad array of family medicine specialty topics.  Free food and beverages accompany all programs which are tailored for every level of training.  There are no dues or obligations. FMIG is a group that works for you. In order to participate in FMIG activities we ask that, when the topics are posted on the FMIG board that you sign up.  View National FMIG information.

Here is a partial list of recent programs:

  • Making Friends With Eras (For those applying into family medicine residency programs
  • Making Friends with your Match List (For those who have applied to family medicine residency programs)
  • Post-Match Panel discussion (with Year 4 students who matched into family medicine residency programs)
  • Family Medicine Resident Panel (with family medicine residents from local programs)
  • Clinical Skills Night (local family physicians and residents provide hands-on training in family medicine procedures)
  • Practicing Obstetrics in Family Medicine (Presented by a family medicine physicians who practices obstetrics)
  • Practicing Sports Medicine in Family Medicine
  • Geriatrics in Family Medicine
  • The Life of a family physician

For more information, please contact:

Medical Student Programs Project Assistant:
Lisa Blackwell
Phone: 313-577-0878


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Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG)

Were you raised in a small town? Interested in returning to a rural/small town for your medical practice? Were you raised in an urban area but want to experience a different type of patient care?

While the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences coordinates this organization, membership is open to all students who have an interest in rural/small town practice. The Wayne State University School of Medicine RMIG provides programming throughout the year focusing on rural healthcare conditions and practice. We offer rural medicine placements during Year 1 summer externships, Year 3 family medicine clerkship as well as electives during Years 3 and 4. We have provided collaborative programming with the WSU MEDSTART students and other pre-med undergraduates from rural and small towns in Michigan. The RMIG is on Facebook where you will be able to find student blogs of their rural externships and other like-minded faculty and students interested in rural healthcare. Free food is offered at all programs.

The Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG) was established in conjunction with the Rural Medicine Curriculum Grant Project to provide students, who are considering eventual rural-based practice, the educational opportunities and professional guidance they will need to make that critical decision.

Students involved in the RMIG are given preference for paid externships and electives located in rural areas. They are assisted in finding knowledgeable mentors who can assist and advise them during their medical school career. In addition, students suggest areas of interest that they would like to explore in depth and speakers are recruited to lead discussions of these topics with the group. Finally, members of the RMIG plan and organize fun and relaxing events that celebrate life in rural America.

Perhaps, the most rewarding aspect of the RMIG is that students have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the medically underserved, while they are still in medical school! Many of the electives and externship experiences are located in severe health shortage areas and everyone (regardless of their medical experience or training) is an important team player in the delivery of healthcare to the population served.

The RMIG is an exciting, dynamic, and dedicated group of individuals who are making an effort to eradicate the overwhelming healthcare disparity that exists in rural America. Together, we are taking back the healthcare system; one medical student at a time! Bridging the Gap in Healthcare For more information or to become a member, contact:

Katie Thompson, Student Co-Chair

Michael Ostach, Student Co-Chair

Faculty Advisor: Mary Jean Schenk, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.

Faculty Advisor: Juliann Binienda, Ph.D.

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Year 4 Sub-Internship and Electives

The WSU Family Medicine Sub-Internship

Students can choose a sub-internship in Family Medicine. This is a one-month inpatient rotation available at several clinical campus locations. This rotation fulfills the WSU School of Medicine requirement for a Year 4 sub-internship.

Family Medicine Year 4 Electives
Multiple Family Medicine Electives are available throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area and the State of Michigan including:

  • rural medicine
  • law and medicine
  • community hospice and palliative care
  • family medicine research

Year 4 Elective Approval Process

To choose a Year 4 Family Medicine elective, please contact the School of Medicine Department of Records and Registration at (313) 577-1470 for approval or go to the Year 4 Elective web site for more information.

For additional information, please contact:
Lisa Blackwell
Family Medicine Student Programs Project Assistant:
Phone:  313-577-0878

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Community Family Physician Teaching Information

We are always in need of family physicians who wish to teach our students.  We especially seek those family practitioners who can precept a student during their month-long requisite Year 3 Family Medicine clerkship.  Please read the following description and qualifications to see if you could be one of our dedicated family physician educators:

  • Description: The one-month Family Practice Clerkship consists of ambulatory clinic experiences in community preceptors' offices. The Clerkship is designed to allow the student to experience the types of problems seen in Family Practice and learn the clinical method for dealing with these conditions. In addition to the daily learning with their preceptors in their offices, students attend small group lectures on Wednesday afternoons, make a home visit to a patient's residence, and spend a day with a Hospice organization, including a visit to a Hospice patient.
  • Level of Students: Year 3
  • Instructor Qualifications: Board Certification in Family Practice from the ABFP or the AOA.
  • Instructor Time Commitment: Daily hosting of one student for a one month period one or more months per year.

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General Information about Family Medicine
We have included several links to websites and articles about the specialty of Family Medicine.  We encourage you to download the articles or visit the websites to increase your understanding of this personally and professionally satisfying medical specialty.  As always, you may contact our Clerkship Director for any other mentorship and advising.

Family Medicine Specialty Information

Family Medicine Websites

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Faculty and Staff contacts:

Medical Student Programs Director     
Juliann Binienda, Ph.D.  
Phone:  313-577-5987
Year 3 Clerkship Director:  
Margit Chadwell, M.D. 
Phone:  313-577-8867
Medical Student Programs Project Assistant:
Lisa Blackwell
Phone:  313-577-0878

Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences

Tsveti Markova, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.
3939 Woodward, Suite 314
Detroit, MI 48201
P. (313) 577-1421


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